15 Minute Family Devotions

Inspirational 15 Minute Family Devotions


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    This post will break down how you can incorporate 15 minute family devotions into your mornings with your kids and family! Every family has a different morning routine and, while some families may enjoy reading scripture aloud together, other families might prefer to read their Bible in solitude. The point is that every family should find what works for them and be able to include it into their daily schedule.

    Read on to learn more about these quick and easy ways to get started!

    Family Devotions

    Devotion is referred to all those loyal and true feelings toward someone or something, but what is family devotion means it is a specific time when a family sit together and read the holy words, feel the presence of heavenly father among them and meditate. 15-minute Family Devotions is an expression of all the loyal feelings toward God and Jesus Christ, remember their holy presence in our life. it is a daily devotional practice of a family that renews faith and blessed us for the whole week.

    Why Family Devotion Is Important?

    It should be a part of our daily routine that we spend time realizing the importance of our holy father in our life, search for our purpose of living and connect with our family and friends more enthusiastically than before.

    We all get busy in our daily life routine, some of us become so involved in worldly life that we have forgotten family devotional practices, reading the Old Testament in our free time, praying to God, and applying these holy words to ourselves and our surroundings. word of God has not only guidance, but they are relaxing too. we can attain peace of mind only when we hear the Old Testament and spend time in Bible reading. each written verse has a symbolic meaning and to get a complete understanding of it, it is important to make it a part of our daily practice.

    Spends Life According to God Saying

    The family devotion helps a family to analyze the word of God and spend time with God and see his sign. it helps us to realize the truth by reading the lord’s words. we can only understand the hidden meaning and moral lesson by reading the scripture when we try to understand what has been instructed to us by our lord. and applying these saying to our daily lives.

    Reconnecting Family to Scripture

    Try to select a peaceful and calm place for 15 minutes of family devotion, it can be a living room or a dining table in a kitchen where all families sit and spend time together and worship the god. select a suitable time when all of the family members are available and have time. power off your phones and TVs and remove everything that can distract your attention. this 15-minute family devotion helps the family to reconnect with each other as well to Jesus and the scripture.

    Helps In Growing Relationships

    15 Minute Family Devotions practice will also help the entire family to develop and grow a healthy relationship with their loving father and analyze his presence in a much deeper way. they can seek light from their lord and have quality time together leaving the busy routine.

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    15 Minute Family Devotions

    There are many activities that one can practice during this devotional time with God, try to start your day with this devotional practice and end the day with prayers. you will witness a positive change in your lives as you start your praising gid and end it by seeking his guidance, it will fill your life with positive energies.

    Here is a list of 15-minute Family Devotions:

    Sing Hymns

    Sing a song to praise the holy spirit, the whole family can sing it together, it will give rise to positive thoughts and all of the family members will feel relaxed and protected after singing the hymn.


    Spending time in meditation will boost your energies and prepare you to cope with all kinds of good and bad circumstances. this meditation will help in self-discovery, we can analyze the problems in ourselves and our behavior, it will help us to change our behavior toward our friends and other people.

    Pray To God

    We all pray only when we have some desperate need and are suffering from a deadly disease, and have some unsolved problems, and need peace of mind. when we pray to Jesus it enhances our devotional thought and makes us good human beings, we realize that God will help us in our distress and he is with us in the time of hardship, prayer is a kind of blessing that we Christian have, we can talk to our God, who has the power to resolve all the problems and help us in our need. we should not leave it as a Sunday practice, keep praying daily to remind us of the importance of spending time with God.

    Writing In Journals

    Journaling is a good Christian practice, it helps in a growing relationship with our Christ, it is an easy way to communicate with the lord. it reminds us of the faithfulness of the holy spirit and his words written in bibles. writing journals enhance our peace of mind, it increases our hope and gives us an insight into our true feelings as a person.

    Journaling is a good habit to know and adopt the bible’s word and has a quality time with God.

    Bible Reading

    Reading the bible and testament increases our faith. it gives us joy and enhances our abilities, starting the morning with bible reading blesses the whole day. it gives us an understanding of how should we sour pass the day according to the word of the gospel?

    Old Scriptures

    People who read old scriptures are more faithful and are more energetic, they know how to become happy by giving happiness to others, it makes us realize the importance of good deeds and we after reading old scriptures become a good devoted human being.

    What Is The Purpose Of Devotion?

    There is nothing purposeless in the world, so as devotion is. it has its significance in Christianity practice. there are many benefits of devotion, here in this article, you will learn about the importance of 15-minute family devotional practice.

    Discover God

    The main purpose of family devotion is to discover God by witnessing his sign and by reading the bible, god’s words, and seeking help from him in this world and the world hereafter.

    Feel God’s Presence

    It is our duty as Christians to teach our children about the devotional practice, ways of worship to our lord. if we wish that our child acquires a habit of spending time in these devotional practices it is not possible in a day. parents should set a daily routine and present themselves as a role model for their kids and without their active involvement in Christians practices, they cannot make their kids meditate, pray and feel the presence of God around them.

    Daily Quiet Time

    Parents should select a daily quiet time for 15 minutes of family devotional practice, it can be anytime in a day at which the whole family is available at home and they can pray and worship God and seek his help in all situations.

    Discover Your Soul

    Without daily reading practice, we cannot understand what is told in the holy scriptures, it gives us a guideline, how to spend our day according to the testament. it not only enhances our faith but gives us eternal joy and peace of mind. it has been noticed that 15 minutes of family devotional practice helps us to become good and humble human beings.


    Having images in a meditation area increases our concentration and gives us a good opportunity to meditate on the gospel and feel the presence of the mighty spirit between us. having images of Christ in church and the prayer place is a good practice.

    Recite New Testament

    It is a Christian practice to recite the Old Testament and an entirely New Testament to enhance our knowledge and devotion to our father.  reading of entire New Testament verse by verse and word of the bible in the church become a part of devotional practices.

    Conclusion on 15 Minute Family Devotions

    The point of these 15 Minute Family Devotions is to help you and your family spend time together, talk about spiritual issues, and grow closer as a result. They also provide an opportunity for children to learn more about the Bible and how it relates to their lives. As we’ve seen today, there are many ways that devotions can be done with very little preparation or work involved. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how you might start doing them at home!

    If after reading this article about 15 Minute Family Devotions and you want even more information, please comment below or contact us through our website; we will do everything in our power to answer any questions that may arise from what was shared here today.

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