Dog Crafts for Kids

12 Creative Dog Crafts for Kids (Dog Crafts Preschool)

Are your kids fond of dogs? The answer is yes for sure. Dogs are cute and perfect companions for children. The sight of kids playing with dogs melts one’s heart. So why not just get creative with some dog-themed crafts? Here are 12 unique ideas for your kids to design decorations, toys, and gift cards and express their love for dogs. I bet once your kid learns these Dog Crafts for Kids, you will find doggie items everywhere in your house.

Dog Crafts for Kids

Dog-Themed Pencil Holder

Why spend money on a pencil organizer when you can make one at home? All you need is a toilet paper roll, some extra cardboard, glue, and paints. Cut out the base for the holder from cardboard. Moreover, add cardboard ears, tail, and paws. Stick everything together to the roll with glue and add details using paints. It is a super quick DIY craft that lets children decorate their room with fun. 

Pencil Holder

Adorable Dog Paper Plates

Let’s turn simple paper plates into super cute doggie plates! Paint the plate with brown, black, grey tones or just get creative using other colors. Cut out googly eyes, nose, and ears from construction paper and glue them onto the plate. Complement your dog plate by adding paper ears at last. 

Dog Plates

Dog Eye Mask- Perfect for Birthdays

Encourage your child to design their own accessories for birthday parties. And this dog craft is perfect to give a shot. All it takes is a paper plate cut out in specific eye-mask shapes. Fold it in a concave shape so that it fits right on the face. Now paint and decorate it with the addition of paper ears, nose, and other minor details. 


Gift Cards for Dog Lovers

This lovely craft will inspire your children to create gift cards for their friends and even you to express their love. All you have to do is to fold a paper of your child’s favorite color. Then, let him/her cut and draw around them to give it a dog’s face appearance. At last, allow your child to write a secret message inside!

Gift Cards

A Pom-Pom Furry Friend

Is your kid asking you to adopt a dog? Children love playing with dogs but they cannot handle the responsibilities associated with a pet. But here is a craft that lets your child design his/her own dream pet. Help your kid to make DIY pom poms and assemble them to make a cute puppy. No need to feed and potty train, just a great cuddling partner for your kid.

Furry Friend

DIY Dog Collar

It is a complementary craft for your kid’s pom pom dog. Your kid can make a dog collar for the little fluffy friend. Cut out a long strip from construction paper and roll it into a collar. Your kid might have given a cute name to his/her little stuffed dog. Write that onto the collar. Moreover, attach a ribbon to the collar so your child can take his/her friend on a walk! 


Dog Origami to Spark Creativity

Origami is a great way to sharpen kids’ concentration skills, and coordinate their hand-eye movements. The internet is flooded with plenty of dog origami ideas. And it is the most creative and cheapest craft as all it takes is paper. Provide colorful papers to your child and encourage him to try origami by watching online tutorials. 


Puppy Hand Puppets

Let’s create dogs that can talk! You do not need any special tools and paper for it. Make hand puppets with regular A4 size paper. Allow your child to decorate it with their own imagination. You can design plenty of these cute puppets. Finally conduct a puppet show among your children and their friends to double the fun!


Popsicle Stick Puppy

Teach your children the importance of reusing and recycling with this craft. If you have popsicle sticks at your home that you saved from ice-creams, then try this now. Assemble the sticks into a cute puppy stick. At last, decorate it with paper ears, googly eyes, nose, paws, and tails.

Popsicle Puppy

Dog Paper Bag

Convert your old brown paper bag into a dog bag this rainy season. It is great for children who have just started to use safety scissors. Help them cut out the dog features from colorful construction papers. And finally, glue everything on the paper bag. 

Doggie Bag

Geometric Puppy

Is your kid exploring geometrical shapes? Then, this craft is perfect to make their learning journey more exciting. Tell them to cut various shapes in different sizes. Finally, ask them to join these shapes and make a dog. This fun activity helps them identify shapes and boost creativity. 

Geo Pup

Dog Pop-Up Cards

These dog cards with a pull-up ears system are ideal for any occasion. The tongue says pull that pulls up the ears. Each ear carries a message such as ‘Hello’ and ‘I love you’. Try this project with your child and make adorable cards.

Card Pop-Ups

Unleash Your Kid’s Imagination!

Instead of buying expensive toys for your kids, you can teach them to make cute DIY decorations and toys. It enables your kids to unlock their inner creativity and boost their imagination. Moreover, they will learn to be satisfied with doing things themselves. So spend some quality time with your children by trying out our super fun doggie crafts. 

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