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15 Easy And Fun Fall Art Activities For Preschoolers, and Big Kids

When people ask you about the most eager person to learn something in this world, the answer comes to your mind is ‘kids’. As you are well-known about the kids of the ongoing generation are very creative and very eager to learn something new. Fall Art and craft activities can be considered as one of the best activities among all creative things for kids. You can utilize good time with your kids and can make them learn new things by doing these activities. I’m going to tell you 15 Fall art and craft ideas for kids that they can enjoy with the family

Collage with Fall Art Autumn leaves 

Scrunching tissue paper and sticking it always appeals to creative kids, and you will have a beautiful textural result to put on walls. It helps kids to make awesome and lovely crafts as well as they can also explore something new with the idea. It’s a good and easy craft activity, and you can see a lovely view after making it. Kids can use their own ideas to make it more beautiful. 


  • Cut a simple leaf shape from the card.
  • Cut some pieces of tissue paper, put them up and glue them on! 

Twig Fairy 

This is a fun craft to do with the bits and pieces you collect on a nature work. Kids will really like this as this requires a good presence of mind and ideas. The bright thing about this is that kids can give any kind of shape and size to their fairy. 


  • Make your twig fairy with one long stick for the body, and smaller sticks for the arms and legs of the fairy. 
  • Playdough can be used to stick them to each other. 
  • Add a large seed as the head and leaves as the wings and dress. 

Tree Handprint Painting 

Children love to paint apple trees and here is a cool, messy way to do it. Kids will enjoy making it with your help. It will also help to develop the painting skills of your kids. You can take it on the walls of your rooms or house as one of the memories of your kid. This craft is so easy that kids can make it even without your help which will help them to explore their ideas and skills! 


  • Start with making many green handprints to make a roughly round shape for the top of the tree. 
  • For the down part, use the side part of the hand to create a brown line for the trunk. 
  • When it becomes dry then add some red fingerprints for the apples. 

Leaf Brooch 

This is a beautiful and easy craft idea for a leaf brooch that children can make themselves or with little supervision of parents/teachers, perfect for Autumn. As you know, kids always prefer to make new things for themselves, so it can be called as one of the all beautiful things that they can make for their use. Kids will be feeling proud of themselves while telling someone about their brooch to someone else.



  • Put glue/gum on the leaf. 
  • Cut a little rectangle of the felt and cover with fabric glue. 
  • Paste the side part of the safety pin that does not open to the rectangle of felt, and then paste the rectangle to the back of the brooch. 

Glittery Suncatcher from leaf 

This craft is so enjoyable and beautiful, kids will love to create it. As this appeals to everyone – except perhaps the person who has to clean up the glitter! Before you make these glittery autumn leaves, place down a tablecloth or many newspapers. Wait for the gum/glue to be dried to see the magic! 


  • Lay a sheet of clear acetate over the leaf templates. 
  • Paint smoothly around the edge/corners of the leaves with glue and stick on a length of wool tracing the outline of the leaf. 
  • When the glue/gum becomes dry, then fill in the middle part of the leaves with a layer of glue/gum. Sprinkle some glitter on the leaves. 
  • Leave it till dry, then remove the excess glitter by shaking. 
  • Cut out. Now, the suncatcher is completely done to be stuck up in a window to see all the shining of colours! 

Scarecrow Puppet

Make your own scarecrow puppet from a wooden spoon and a few fabric scraps, and it will be a beautiful addition to your puppets! This makes a fun craft to do with kids during the autumn / fall season. 


  • Take out a hat, dungarees and top from the foam and glue them to the front of the spoon. 
  • Put glue on a few small pieces of yarn to the hat and where the hands and feet should be. 
  • To draw on a face, use your pens. 

Window Picture (Autumn) 

This window picture looks beautiful on display and really captures all that’s best about autumn – especially when the sun shines through it! 


  • Cut the middle from the centre of your card to make a frame. 
  • Put a piece of clean film sticky on the upper part. 
  • Paste the frame to the film. 
  • Use the leaves to make a picture, pasting the leaves to the clean film. 
  • Cover the remaining sticky film with glitter. 
  • Done and have fun! 

Autumn Wreath 

Make this pretty autumn wreath and tree using simple craft cupboard supplies. Use natural leaves from a tree as templates, or design your own. Kids will definitely enjoy the procedure. 


  • Cut out a stack of leaf shapes from the coloured card. 
  • You can also design your own leaves according to your wish, or trace around natural leaves which you have collected. 
  • Use the pen(golden) to make veins on the leaves. 

Button Tree 

This is a cute little sewing craft and I think you’ll agree that the finished result would be something anyone would be happy to display! Our button tree is coloured for autumn but you can of course adapt it for any season. 


  • Cut a shape of a tree from the felt and sew (or glue) the tree to the centre of the fabric. 
  • Arrange your buttons over the tree to form the leaves. 
  • When you are satisfied/happy with their arrangement, sew (or glue) into place. 

Conker Painting 

Conkers have a part in the British autumn that we thought we’d find a slightly different use for our conker collection! Younger children will enjoy the randomness of this painting activity, and they will have fun!



  • Dip the conkers in the paint and roll them across the paper. 
  • Repeat, using more different colours, until you are happy with the finished result. 

Hanging Leaves 

This craft of leaves can be adapted for any season – and depending on the age of the children you can cut out the leaves for them or leave the whole project up to them. While making the craft, kids will also learn many things about the season and leaves. 


  • Cut out some leaf shapes from the card. 
  • Veins of the leaves can be drawn by the glitter, using the red pen on the gold card and gold pen on the red card. 
  • Make a small hole in every leaf and tie through some cord. 
  • You can put a small branch inside and decorate with the leaves. 
  • This will result in a lovely display at Harvest or Thanksgiving. 

Autumn Animal Collage 

Here is a sweet reason to go outside and collect some autumn leaves! Even the young children can make a pretty autumn collage that you will be proud to display on the walls of your home. Kids can select the leaves which look beautiful to them and they make the craft while enjoying it. 


  • Press your leaves for a couple of days by slipping them between sheets of newspaper under a heavy book. 
  • Arrange the selected leaves on the paper and glue in place, and you add any kind of further decoration, crayons or pencils. 
  • You can use glitter or stickers to make your autumn collage very special and original. 

Twig Frame 

Twig frame is just one of the beautiful crafts. A nice photo needs a beautiful frame before hanging on the walls. And isn’t it cute that kids make a beautiful frame for their pictures? Kids will love this twig frame to display their artwork this Autumn! 


  • Fold the card in half and cut out the centre so that you are left with a frame. 
  • Cover the frame using glue and stick on the twigs and any other bits and pieces that you like. 
  • Kids may select straight sticks and cut them to size to cover every bit of the frame. 
  • A varnish’s coat will protect the craft. 

Tracing Paper (Leaf Suncatchers) 

These leaf suncatchers are a simple craft idea but they use a number of different fine motor skills such as tracing and colouring. And they look so pretty on display! 


  • Draw a leaf shape onto tracing paper. 
  • Colour over the top of the leaf with the oil pastels. 
  • Cover it with scrap paper then iron it on a little heat. 
  • The pastels will be melted. 
  • Now, take out the leaf shapes and stick them to a window. 

Tissue Paper Autumn Leaf 

This interesting technique relies on art tissue paper. Kids enjoy watching the magic leaf and the finished result is a perfect leaf for autumn. Kids will learn some new things while enjoying this craft. 


  • Print one of the large leaf templates onto the card. 
  • Cut out some yellow, green, red, orange and brown and art tissue paper into small pieces. 
  • Paint the leaf template with water and paste it on the tissue paper. 
  • Keep adding more water and tissue paper till the leaf looks covered. 
  • Leave to dry. 
  • Adding water and tissue paper within the lines of the autumn leaf template Adding tissue paper and water within the lines of the autumn leaf template 
  • When the tissue paper dries, it skips out leaving a lovely mixture of colours, which will fade too. 
  • Now, cut out the leaf

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