Fun Facts About Lions

Fun Facts About Lions


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    Fun Facts About Lions

    Fun Facts About Lions! A fierce animal that is now found in every country. Either be a safari or a zoo, you can see a lion there. Even people are seen taming this wild animal and keeping it as a pet. This mammal is a large, strongly built cat, also known as “king of beasts,” whose appearance and size differ with the sexes. Female is mostly a bit smaller in size than male one who has a face full of hair. Lions are celebrated as “the king of the jungle,” but the lions live in plains and grasslands and not in the actual jungles.

    Let’s take a look at quick facts about lions.


    You’ll be amazed to learn that a lion can weigh more than a 200kg stone. On average, a female lion weighs 126kg that’s equal to 20 stones. Simultaneously, a male lion can weigh as much as 190kg which is equal to 30 stones. They need this power to save their pride and hunt down large prey. The heaviest lion ever weighed 375kg. Isn’t it a remarkable fact about lions?


    You’ll be amazed to learn this fascinating fact about lions: that when a lion gets older, its mane grows more impressive. These manes are a sign of dominance and can grow as long as 16cm. When a lion gets old, its mane gets darker. These manes help to save their head and neck from injuries during a fight or catching prey. The more the main is dark, the more it attacks the female.


    A pride of lions primarily consists of female lions and their cubs and a single or a small group of males that protect their family. A crazy fact about lion habitat is that they are reared together by the female, and the cubs can suckle from any lioness with milk.

    Lions are more social cats than any other cat species.


    Lions are not as fast as other cats like tigers or leopards. Most of the hunting of the pride is done by the female, a better hunter than a male. It’s their duty mainly to feed the lion as well as the cubs. An interesting fact about African lions though!


    You’ll be amazed to learn this interesting fact about wild lions that rest for more than 20 hours a day. In a zoo or a circus, lions have to learn and do a lot of stuff. But in the wild, this animal has nothing to do except for hunting, eating and lying. On the other hand, a male lion in captivity can live as long as twenty years, while in the wild, it can live up to 12-16 years, while a female can live for 15-17 years. In the wild, a lion is kicked out by its pride at the age of two, because of which the only one out of ten lions survives.


    You will be shocked to learn these dangerous facts about lions that killed more than 100 people in Africa in one year. An incident was reported in 2015 that a lion got hold of a 29 years old lady in a safari park in Africa and killed her on the spot. In another attack, a nine-year-old boy was killed by a lion in a zoo. A lion’s bite is 30 times stronger and painful as compared to that of a housecat.


    An interesting fact about lions for kids is that lions are the only cat species that roar together. Even the cubs meew with the elders, and this sequence lasts for around 40 seconds. The roar of a wild lion can be heard up to 8km away and is the loudest roar than any other animal. one can hear A pride roar from 5 miles, and the roar is to create their border and their scent to mark their territory.


    Are you ready to know some fun facts about mountain lions? First of all, stop differentiating between mountain lions, puma or cougar etc., because they are all the same species. Mountain lions can live in any ecosystem may it be deserts, backyards or snowy areas. Mountain lions don’t like to interact with people much and avoid them. These lions are more adapted to capture and kill prey quickly than other lions. Although they are perfect hunters but sometimes, to save themselves from black bears or grizzlies, they climb up the trees to catch their breath. These lions can jump as high as

    15 feet and 40 feet in distance.


    I am not sure whether you know all the types of a lion. well, today, you will learn a kid-friendly fact about lions that there are more than eight types of lions mainly:

    • Southwest African lion
    • West African lion
    • Barbary lion
    • Asiatic lion
    • Ethiopian lion
    • Transvaal lion
    • Masai lion
    • Congo lion


    You’ll be astonished to learn this crazy fact about African lions that they eat as much as 40kg of meat per day. They don’t take 3-4 meals like humans but eat all at once without leaving a chunk for the other members and, therefore, known as greedy animals. They eat and sleep. That’s what they do during the whole day. A lion sleeps as long as 22 hours a day and is too lazy to do anything.


    Well, a male lion has two significant duties to perform. This key fact about lions will surely amaze you. One is to look after its pride and save it from any danger. The other duty is to mate with all the females in the pride. The most prolonged control that a male can take over his pride is four years.


    Do you know about this outstanding key fact about lions that it can see better than us? Yes, it is true; a lion can see six times better than humans in the dark. A coating at the back of their eyes is reflective that helps in capturing the moonlight. To reflect even more light, God has gifted them with white patches underneath their eyes. The pupil of a lion is three times bigger than that of humans. But it has to move its head to look at the sides because lions can not move their eyes.

    This particular species of cats is declining daily. People need to stop hunting them, or else they will be included in the extinct animal list. I hope you have enjoyed these marvelous facts about lions.

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