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Interesting Facts About The Olfactory System You Must Know

Olfactory sensory activities for kids

What is the olfactory system?

Olfactory system is concerned with the sense of smell. Through the olfactory cells present in the nose lining, smell is conducted to the brain through the olfactory nerves. In the brain, a ball-like structure called olfactory bulb is present which has the cells that serve as the relay stations for the messages of smell from the olfactory sensory system to the brain. The main organ involved in the olfactory sensory system is the nose and the associated nasal openings.

What are the olfactory sensory activities for kids?

Olfactory sensory activities are the activities that are practiced by the kids affected by the olfactory sensory system disorders. These activities include a long list of such experiments that help the kids enhance their olfactory sensory system and hone their olfaction skills. The list of olfactory sensory activities for kids is:

Guessing the smells

This olfactory sensory activity for kids improves their sense of olfaction. Kids are given the mixtures of various blended edibles together and promoted to smell them one by one. This sensory activity will enhance their smell quality.

Olfactory DIY bottles

This olfactory sensory activity for kids is designed to improve their sensitivity to smells. The students are given the DIY bottles that are having the mixtures containing different smells. Then the kids are encouraged to smell these bottles one by one and tell the instructors about these smells.

Scratch and sniff watercolor painting

These paints are specially designed for kid activities. These are the edible and scented paints so that the kids can easily manage them while playing. The kids affected with the olfactory loss are promoted to use these paints and after they are dried scratch them and smell them. After this olfactory sensory activity for kids is done, they are asked what they smelt. The unique smells of the scratch sniff paints made this olfactory sensory activity for kids the best practiced activity.

Spice paint activity 

This olfactory sensory activity for kids is unique. This allows the kids to paint the mixtures of different spices and smell them separately and then tell the instructor what they have smelt.

Scented playdough playing

This olfactory sensory activity for kids is the most commonly practiced at the kid nurseries and kindergarten schools. Kids are promoted to play with the doughs that are scented with different flavors. After the kids have played enough, they tell their instructors or parents of the smells.

Visiting herb garden

The parents are advised to let their child affected with olfactory system disorders visit the herb gardens. In the herb gardens, many different herbs with different scents are grown. This olfactory sensory activity for kids allows them to smell these different scented herbs and match their answers with the instructor. This olfactory sensory activity for kids is best known for the betterment of olfaction.

Scented lotions

The kids affected with the olfactory sensory disorders are advised to use the scented lotions and creams. The daily use of this olfactory sensory activity will lead to the betterment of the sense of smell.


What is food sensory system?

Food sensory system employs the use of human senses to the selection of food. The use of the food sensory system has been markedly increased and this system is gaining reputation widely. The food sensory system has potential effects on the appetite of toddlers. It triggers the swallowing mechanism. 

Food sensory activities

Food sensory activities are the physiological elements that trigger the swallowing. These activities belong to the different tastes and how they influence the swallowing mechanism. Following is the list of food sensory activities that promote intake of food by the kids.

Colored bread crumbs eating

This food sensory activity is widely practiced by the parents. Children are given edible colored bread crumbs that trigger their sensory perception and are presented as a good pantry idea.

Dry pasta playing

This is one of the most creative food sensory activities. Dried pasta along with the other elements like scoops and cups are added and children are promoted to play with it. The food sensory system is triggered in this way and it has proved a good food sensory activity.

Sandbox playing

Sandbox playing has been the kids favorite game. The sandbox is decorated with the edibles like the dried pasta and oat meals and children are encouraged to play with these food sensory sandboxes. These food sensory activities have played a great role in the betterment of the food sensory system.

Cornmeal playing

When the kids are restricted for the indoor games, they are provided with a sandbox containing various edibles but here the sand is replaced by the corn meals. This food sensory activity is much better than the simple sand containing sandboxes and works for the enhancement of food sensory perception.

Edibles jewelry

This is one of the most fantastic food sensory activities for kids. Kids love playing with the beads and buttons. In this food sensory activity, many edible buttons and laces were given and the children were promoted to make the necklaces and bracelets out of them. This food sensory activity increases the food sensory perception and also improves the creativity of kids.

Playing with flour

Flour alone is the best food sensory activity for the kids to play. It has been suggested that flour playing has greatly added to the food sensory perception. Moms are supposed to spread the flour and kids are asked to draw or write something in the tray with the floor. This food sensory activity is the best indoor activity.

Colorful marshmallows playing

Children are encouraged to play with the different colors and shapes of marshmallows. This food sensory activity presented many benefits and honed the food sensory skills of kids.

Lentils playing

This food sensory activity is played by the kids who seek indoor games. The kids are promoted to make their farm house with the different elements added in them. Many lentils are spread across the floor of the farmhouse and then playing with these lentils will trigger the food sensory system. This food sensory activity has been one of the best activities.


What are the sensory ideas?

The sensory ideas are implemented for the better development of children’s five senses. These sensory ideas include the playing activities for kids to ignite their senses.

List of sensory ideas

Sensory bin activity

This sensory idea includes making a sensory bin of plastic which is placed near the messy floor. The kids are given many cleaning tools and promoted to clean the mess near them and then put the mess in the sensory bin. This sensory idea greatly improved all their senses.

Dinosaur egg playing 

This sensory idea works well.  The dinosaur eggs are made by putting the small dinosaur figures into each balloon and filling the balloon with water and glitter. Let this freeze and when you will get it out, it is just the dinosaur like egg. This ice playing sensory idea works for the betterment of all the senses. 

Sensory balloon playing

This sensory idea is most commonly practiced. Each balloon is filled with different material; some balloons are filled with the play dough, some with glitters and some with the sand. When the kids will play with these, their tactile sense is markedly activated and so this sensory idea works.

Slime playing 

Make the fluffy slime using the glue, baking soda, saline solution and shaving foam cream. Let the kids play with this sensory idea. This sensory idea improves the cognition and the tactile sense of kids to a greater extent.


What are the sensory activities for adults?

Sensory activities for adults are designed to enhance their sensory input and processing and thus stimulate their sensory system. These sensory activities are considered important for the development of the adult sensory system and for the well-being of an individual affected with many sensory disorders. 

List of sensory activities for adults

Here is a list of sensory activities for adults. These sensory activities for adults enhance their sensory skills.  Some of these sensory activities for adults are under:

Ball matching game

These sensory activities for adults are also played by kids. In this sensory activity for adults, they are asked to match the balls with the same weights without telling them the weight prior. 

Cylinders playing

This sensory activity for adults asks them to use different sized and shaped cylinders and then shake them differently. Then the adults are questioned to match the sounds of two identical cylinders. This sensory activity for adults markedly improved their cognition and all the other senses.

Finger painting

Painting is one of the best played sensory activities for adults and children. Adults are asked to make a trace of their hands and then to paint it. This sensory activity for adults is a wonderful play for their sensory enhancement.

Scented play dough

Play dough is one of the classical sensory activities for adults. Add some colors and some drops of lavender to the dough to make this sensory activity for adults stronger. This sensory activity for adults has greatly improved their sensory skills.

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