Visual Sensory Activities

8 Fun, Engaging Visual Sensory Activities to Boost Creativity


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    One of the best ways to boost creativity and brain power is through Visual Sensory Activities. We will look at how you can create some fun and engaging ways to stimulate your senses.

    You’ll learn how to use your senses, or engage in an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) sensory activity to drive creativity.

    8 Fun Visual Sensory Activities For Kids

    Increase your child’s ability to learn, improve their memory and attention span. Check out these simple but fun Visual Sensory Activities for kids.

    1. Grass Scanning

    Fill a large plastic bin by using grass clipping. Put some small items, coins, or small parts into the bin. Have the children scan the area and find the items with their eyes. Children can attempt to remember the order in which they found the items in a visual memory game.

    2. Backyard Toy Memory Game

    Continue to work on visual memory and scan visual perceptive skills by spreading small toys across a field. Have your child watch the toys and try to remember everything.

    Cover toys with a blanket, then take out one or two items. Take away the cover and ask your child to remember the missing item.

    3. Cloud scanning

    Lay on the ground with your child as you watch the clouds in clear but cloudy weather. Look at the clouds moving through the sky. Have your child see the pictures in the clouds.

    Ask them to turn around on the floor so their heads are now where their feet were. Then see if they still have the same shape or if this is a new shape.

    Discovering an outline in a shape uses a visual perceptive ability known as form perception. Form perception allows us to determine that the shapes, letters, and numbers are the same regardless of their direction.

    4. Catch a ball

    Try to catch by standing, sitting, swinging, rolling a ball, catching between the legs, and so on.

    5. Striking a tennis racket against a target

    Ideas include bubbles, falling leaves, big balls, tiny rubber balls, and balloons. 

    6. Scavenger hunter

    Try to a scavenger hunter do these while crawling.

    7. Capture butterflies in a net

    Try to catch fireflies as well. Visually scan between targets.

    8. Bubble

    A fun activity for the kids is to blow bubbles in the air and then watch them float away. This is a great activity to do with the kids because it is hands-on.

    It allows them to get creative with their imaginations. You can also try blowing bubbles with different colors of bubble solution, which is a fun way to help your child learn colors. 

    What are Visual Sensory Activities?

    What are Visual Sensory Activities? Visual sensory activities are activities that use sight. They can be used to stimulate a child’s development or to help them learn.

    Some examples of visual sensory activities are painting, sculpting, making collages, and playing with puzzles.

    Wrapping Up Visual Sensory Activities

    We hope you enjoyed our article on how to use visual sensory activities for creativity. Use our blog to get some ideas for visuals, sounds, and tastes that you can use to spark your creativity!

    If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you like this article Visual Sensory Activities and would like to know more, please comment below.

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