Paper Pom Poms

Fun and Cheerful Paper Pom Poms

Ever wanted to make your own pom poms? This blog post will teach you how to make paper pom poms! We’ll start with a few supplies, and go from there. It’s easy enough for anyone to do! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

In this tutorial you will learn making these tissue paper pom-poms.

Paper Pom Poms

Supplies Needed:

  • Tissue Paper (Blue Color)
  • Thread (Blue Colored)
  • Scissor

Step 1

  1. Take five sheets of 4 x 8 inch of tissue paper.
  2. Place them together.
  3. Make accordion folds.
  4. Wrap a thread around the middle and make two knots.

Step 2

  1. Cut the edges with scissor.
  2. Make the edges round in shape.
  3. Now start pulling up the sheets one by one. Do this carefully.
  4. Ruffle and position it as you want.

Pom-pom is ready!

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