Activities in the Winter

Get your kids up and moving this winter.

Here are some fun crafts that will get your family moving again!

Activities in the Winter

Arts and Crafts

Popular Craft Activities in the Winter


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Kusudama Paper Flowers

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Fun Winter Crafts

Printable Activities for Kids

Activities in the Winter
Fun Family Crafts
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Fun Family Crafts

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The art of origami is fun and easy to do. You can make all sorts of arts crafts with it, like butterflies, airplanes or even flowers!

Fun Activities in the Winter

DIY Craft Kit

Parents wrap their kids in snow so that they can prevent them from catching cold. But you know? The snow on the other hand forms the basis of many amazing snow crafts.

Instead of packing, let’s give them the chance to enjoy a variety of different snow crafts.

Have you ever considered noticing what impact can art and crafts make on your child’s mind? A child’s growing period is between 3-13 years which requires absolute attention from their parents.

Get as creative as you can with your child and bring out the creativity of your young star. Kids that do crafts at an early age proved to be more visionary and artistic.

Since their young minds have been trained to think out of the box and create new ideas. 


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Why is Activities in the Winter enjoyable?

Activities in the Winter

Craft activities in the winter are a great way to keep your kids busy and happy. They’ll love creating their own snowflakes, working on Christmas ornaments, making Rudolph hand prints and much more – all while getting creative!

  Benefits of Activities in the Winter

  • Good for your mental health.
  • Immensely satisfying.
  • Great entertainment.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Fosters Creativity!
  • Teaches Problem-solving 

There’s Something About the Warmer Months!

The winter months are a great time to get creative and have fun with your hobbies! The cold weather can actually help you stay focused on the activity at hand, since it’s not as tempting for people who don’t enjoy them so much outside. And there is always something fascinating about new projects or skills that we could try learning during these chilly days. We are all about the winter crafts that keep us warm, But there’s more than just inside activities for kids during these long winter days!

It’s a great time to get creative and invest in your mental health with winter crafts. The colors are more soothing, the cold weather can be knitted patiently. The perfect opportunities for crafting! There really isn’t anything better than creating something new from scratch. Nothing quite like taking an idea that has been bouncing around inside one’s head and turning them into something by sewing or knitting etc., Seeing those ideas come alive before you is truly a blessing.


Are you looking for a creative outlet? Stop by CraftyThinking today. Our selection of arts and crafts, printables and so much more will bring the joys of art into your home with kids or grandparents! Whether it’s paper plate puppets that you will have fun crafting them, coloring pages which can help provide relaxation after doing some complicated; or enjoying creating origamis out of paper.