DIY Holiday Crafts

Fun Guide To DIY Holiday Crafts

DIY Holiday Crafts are a different way of decorating our home during the holidays. It is much better if we create them ourselves although we can buy many ornaments on the market. When we create them at home the value is much higher. Added to this, the crafts will surely leave us a positive memory. 

It doesn’t feel like moments will come soon, which will present a long vacation time. Unfortunately, at this time the holidays will feel different because plans to travel out of town or vacation with the closest people have to be postponed due to the pandemic. But, make no mistake even though at home there are still many exciting activities you can do with your family. Reporting from various sources, here are some fun activities to spend on vacation while at home.

DIY Holiday Crafts Ideas

To spend quality time with your family, creative and educational activities for the holidays are a fun way. Since many families plan to stay home for the holidays, we’ve thought of fun and educational ways to enjoy the seasonal festivities. What better way than to use your creativity and offer some original activities for your little one?

The list of DIY Holiday Crafts ideas that we have compiled is perfect but can be adapted to the individual capacities and interests of each child.

Make a cake with icing letters. 

This one is for cake lovers and little bakers. Make your favorite cake or follow this delicious recipe. Once your cake is ready and cool, you can use the icing in this pack to write the first letters of your family member’s name. 

You can write words as well, but I would recommend covering the top of the cookies with icing and using an edible marker for more precision. You can also punch a small hole in the corner of the freezer bag to make a homemade pipe bag if desired.

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Make a personal Christmas tree. 

We love this DIY Holiday Crafts activity because it involves children in a variety of activities:

  • Cut triangles out of green paper or card
  • Write the letters of the child’s name on each triangle.
  • Place the triangles in the correct order starting at the top.
  • Decorate the tree with stickers or small paper decorations.

Create your own holiday book. 

This is an original idea to support the creativity of your new writer. According to your children’s skills, ask them to write a word or brief description of the object on each page. Add a pretty book cover made of cards for a little bit of longevity.

DIY Holiday Crafts Projects

Holidays are a time for family, friends, the spirit, and if you are a fan of technology, avoid all of these things as much as possible. Even with all the commitments that come with the holidays, no work, and a lot of things closed, you still have a lot of free time. And what is the best way to fill that free time? A DIY Holiday Crafts project or two.

Even better, if you accept a holiday-themed project, you can legitimately claim that you are getting into the holiday spirit while packing up with your favorite soldering iron and an Arduino. If you need to fulfill some family commitments, you can let the children help you. The holidays are truly a perfect time to DIY.

Snowball Lights

Do you regret buying those sticky lights? It doesn’t take much to turn them into something much more special – a box of ping pong balls and a drill may suffice. Instruct able user boom does just that in this super simple project. Sometimes you don’t need to go with Arduino and Raspberry Pis to do something cool.

By putting every faulty LED inside a ping pong ball, you can turn the worst Christmas lights into beautiful, glowing orbs. For half an hour of your time and a few dollars, it is easy to dress up your ornaments this Christmas.

Any DIY project you’ve been putting off

Any DIY Holiday Crafts project you do while on vacation doesn’t have to be a vacation theme. While holidays tend to be very busy with family commitments, a few days afterward are often much quieter. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend real time on whatever DIY project you’re putting off.

It doesn’t matter if the project is big or small, whether it’s to learn a new DIY skill. Learn basic DIY skills online with YouTube. Learn basic DIY skills online with YouTube. DIY becomes fashionable depending on the state of the economy. With the individual styles and the availability of professionals and materials, there will always be someone, somewhere wanting to learn basic DIY… 

Christmas craft ideas to make

This year, for Christmas, we bring you a lot of ideas to make Christmas crafts easy, fun, and with cheap materials. Christmas crafts are a fun and useful activity to combat stress and allow us to spend days leading up to Christmas distracting the little ones in the house a bit, who will have fun and can participate in decorating Christmas in a way that suits us as if it were decorated by some expert hand.

Decorating your home originally and beautifully saving money is possible with crafts for Christmas. In this article, we are going to show you many ideas to be able to decorate your house for Christmas or also ideas to decorate your Christmas store, in case you have a business.

Christmas Stars 

With the cardboard of cereal or cookie boxes and a little of your creativity you will have some very decorative Christmas stars, they will not take much time and they will also be very cheap.

You can make the drawing and size you prefer, on the Internet, you have Christmas drawings that you can download to use as templates. Or you just have to cut out several pieces of cardboard or Eva rubber in the shape of a circle, fold it to give it an oval shape, and glue it so that it becomes the most special star on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Ball

They may not be as Colorful as typical Christmas balls, but if you want to continue recycling, you can also create this circle as one more decorative element. To make it even more original, inside this lid of the boat that you see above, you can put messages that on Christmas day you have to discover hidden gifts, or the beginning of a gymkhana to find the gifts in kings.

Another option is to take a large piece of paper, or several of them (which you can stick with adhesive tape), and form a spiral with which to fill the inside of a plastic lid. Underneath, place a strip of rope or thread and make a hole in the top so that you can pass a rope or thread to hang it from the tree.

One of them, which has gained a lot of strength, is the transparent glass ones, which we will fill according to the style and colors of the tree. An example is the following image. If you want to know what materials you are going to need for these stars, in particular, we have to list: Cardboard boxes of cereals, cookies or similar; Gold craft paint, Gold glitter, Glue stick, Scissors, A brush, A marker, A sheet of paper.

To answer you on how to make these Christmas stars, we leave you this great video in which you can see it step by step. Choose the colors that you like the most or go for it multicolour for a perfect result:

Garlands for Christmas 

The paper garlands are a stunning decoration for Christmas, you can do it easily and with colors, you have chosen as the theme for this year. The garlands can be placed on the Christmas tree or anywhere in the house, from the entrance to the living room or the bedroom, anything goes! As in other crafts, look at what 

Materials you have at home that you can recycle: cardboard, paper gifts, ribbons … Because these can be the fundamental elements to achieve a completely different, unique, and fun result.

Christmas Lamps with plastic carafes

The typical white water jugs are ideal to create a Christmas lamp that is also a beautiful craft that we can do with the children at home. All we have to do to create this beautiful craft is take a white carafe, clean it well and cut out some pieces of black and orange cardboard to give them the shape of circles and triangles with which to create a mouth, some eyes, and also a nose.

With a little rope and wire, we can create that small headband or earmuffs that the carafes carry as we see in the image above. For the earmuffs, we also have to use a little wool.

When we have the decorated carafes, we just have to put inside each one of them, some strips of led lights to get some beautiful lamps with which to decorate this house during Christmas.


Holidays are a time for family, friends, and the spirit, but it’s also the perfect time to grab a soldering iron and DIY. You can even combine all of your DIY Holiday Crafts commitments with making things like snowball lights or an Arduino-powered tree, or you can get your family. Some of my happiest memories are when my brother, my dad, and I spent the day after building things.

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