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Fun Art Holidays Activities For The Family

Happy holidays! I hope you’re ready to enjoy some time with your loved ones during this festive time of year. Art Holidays are not only kids’ favorite but the adults also enjoy holidays. This post is all about creating holiday art for the whole family to celebrate together. 

Ready, set, go!

How To Enjoy Your Art Holidays? 

Holidays must be spent doing some productive and creative work that could add something to your intellect. There are many holiday arts that can be easily performed with the family when you are at home. The holiday arts in this way promote family interaction and bonding.

When kids are free on holidays, they must be encouraged to do some holiday arts. Such Art holidays serve to build their hobbies permanently. As a result, whenever such kids will be free, they will try to utilize their time in these types of holiday arts.

Holiday arts pose a number of beneficial effects on the kids and adults. These holiday arts are needed to refine fine motor skills, to boost the hand eye coordination, improve the manual dexterity and finally promote agility. Such holiday arts need to be promoted by the kids.

Some of the most frequently performed holiday arts include handicrafts, paintings, drawings, handmade crafts and designing the decorative objects. These holiday arts must be practiced by the preschoolers at the preschools as these are necessary for their healthy development. Many of the nurseries and kindergartens also promote the students for these holiday arts.

What Are Art Related Holidays? 

There are a large number of art related holidays. Each of these art related holidays is celebrated with great zeal and zest. Every year, many art festivals are held to celebrate such art related holidays. It is the foremost duty of parents to let their kids participate in these art related holidays activities. 

The aim of these art related holidays is to create awareness about the importance of art among the parents and teachers. Many of the kids are suffering from sensory and motor disorders in the present days. These Art related holidays are celebrated to unveil the significance of art for these disorders.

The art related holidays are a special fun for kids and adults. In many schools and kindergartens, such art related holidays are a must. Kids are encouraged to take part in the activities being held on the art related holidays. This fact of these art related holidays will help the kids to strengthen their confidence and will make them more creative.

There are many art related holidays. The most frequently celebrated art related holidays include the International Artists Day, National hat day, National Winnie the Pooh Day, National Pokemon day, Justin Bieber’s birthday, Mario day, International Scribble day and many other such art related holidays are given.

As a whole, all of these art related holidays are to amuse, inspire and educate the masses of parents, teachers and the kids. From the National science fiction day which is celebrated on Jan 2 to the National Emo day which is celebrated on Dec 19, all the art related holidays are meant for the fun celebrations.

Summer Holiday Arts 

Summer vacation is the best opportunity to utilize the time duration for various summer holiday arts. These are the kid’s favorite vacations because they are really long enough to enjoy the summer holiday arts. These long term holidays can be made functional by the practice of summer holiday arts.

What Are Summer Holiday Arts?

In summer vacation, everyone wants to make a trip. So, the outdoor summer holiday arts can be performed very easily in this vacation. Kids love to play with water and some other beachside summer holiday arts are the best addition to make the summer time a quality time.

The perks of the summer holiday arts are the large number of advantages they have on sensory development and brain functioning. Such summer holiday arts are a source of bringing the family close to one another.

The mental skills and the judgment ability are also enhanced by the practice of these summer holiday arts. By the performance of these summer holiday arts, the creativity skills are also enhanced. Kids and the adults use such types of summer holiday arts to mold different shapes, color the figures and especially identify or name the objects.  Hence,  these summer holiday arts are the best fun time activities.

List Of The Summer Holiday Arts

  • DIY watermelon stamped door mat preparation 
  • Paper watermelon pinwheels designing 
  • Usage of recycled can to design household decoration pieces
  • Watermelon basket painting
  • Hanging baskets preparation
  • Designing various croquet mallets as the garden markers 
  • DIY cane coasters formation 
  • Tiered stand formation 
  • Painted beautiful DIY bottle Openers
  • Candle holders designing and painting 
  • Flower vases designing
  • DIY paper straw making
  • DIY balloon ice making 

Simple Way To Do Fun Summer Holiday Arts

There are a number of ways to perform the DIY summer holiday arts. Each of the summer holiday arts for adults is easy to make and is a super fun activity to perform. You can use the simple methods to make these fun summer holiday arts.

Diy Water Melon Stamped Door Mat

Any of the old door mats and the water paints is required to make this amazingly beautiful decoration piece. Make the small watermelons on the papers with the help of paints. Then paste these figures on the mat. Such summer holiday arts look beautiful.

Paper Watermelon Pinwheels

This is one of the amazing summer holiday arts for adults. It requires the red and green colored card papers, glue and a bamboo stick. First, cut the strips of these card papers and fold their corners towards the center and pin them finally. You can use these pinwheels in the normal day decorations.

Croquet Mallet Garden Markers

For this beautiful and creative, DIY summer holiday arts for adults, you need to trim the croquet mallets and paint the centers of mallet heads, finally dry them. Now you can write the names of different flowers and seeds with the chalk. This super creative DIY summer holiday art for adults goes really well.

Paint Can Bottle Opener

All of us have the normal and boring bottle openers in our homes. Let’s make this craft more creative by wrapping the clay over the handle of the bottle opener. Mold the clay into the shapes you want and after drying paint them gradually using acrylic paints. Your summer holiday art is completed!

What Is National Art Day? 

  • National art day is celebrated to encourage the artists and all kinds of arts.
  • Art is a creative human expression that encompasses all aspects of human life. It encapsulates a myriad of things and portrays the elements of life. 
  • The national art day allows the artists to expand their artistic skills and explore new trends in the art. Actually, the national art day is supported to create awareness among the people of the new artistic mediums and trends of art.
  • Thousands of art festivals are held each year on this national art day. To support such creative and imaginative series of arts, this special art day called National art day is celebrated. The National art day aims at provoking the youngsters and kids to continue their art activities in the holidays even.
  • There are many other art days celebrated just to promote the cultural art and set in the new art trends. These days are of great significance for the young kids and adults as they are in the learning phase of their development and can pick more instantaneously. So, these art days are specially celebrated for them.
  • Every year, the world art day us celebrated on 15 April with great zeal and zest. This art day is important because it helps to establish the links between the artistic creations and the society norms. The Art day is celebrated to create awareness among the public about the diversity of art and similarly the art day signifies the contribution of many known artists towards sustainable development.

What Are Fashion Holidays?

Fashion is another form of art. The fashion holidays are also celebrated in the world to        promote the recent fashion trends. World’s fashion day is celebrated on July 9 every year. The purpose of fashion day celebrations is to put forward the new trends and the fashion day also gives opportunity to people to put their fashionable side on display.

Fashion day celebrations let the world see the unique features, great aesthetic sense of fashion and a dynamic version of fashion. As a whole, the fashion holidays together make a fun event.  Sometimes, the fashion holidays are also called the fun holidays. 

The most common fashion holidays include the national dress day on March 6, national fragrance day on March 21, Denim day on April 28, national zipper day, national nail polish day, wear a dress day and many other such fashion holidays are celebrated.

Here Is Some Great Holiday Art Projects For Elementary

There are a good number of holiday art projects for elementary. All of these holiday art projects for elementary students can be performed easily as they require little effort. The outcome of these holiday art projects for elementary students is the amazingly beautiful art and craft pieces.

List Of Holiday Art Projects

  • Flower Vases Designing
  • DIY Paper Straw Making
  • DIY Balloon Ice Making
  • DIY Fabric Pin Wheels Manufacturing 
  • DIY Flower Garlands
  • DIY Lanterns Painting
  • DIY Keychains Making
  • Postcard Wallets Making 
  • DIY Drink Umbrella Designing 
  • Sand Molds Formation 

Easy Way To Complete These Holiday Art Projects 

Fabric Pinwheels

This is again an interesting holiday art project for elementary.  You can use a similar method as the paper pinwheel. This fun holiday art project will look magnificent.

CraftyThinking is an online resource for parents and teachers. We provide helpful guides, printable templates and quality information for home and the classroom.

Paper Straw Garlands 

You can make this festive holiday art project for elementary students by using the simple and ordinary straws. Cover these straws with the painted color papers and embellish them with the buttons and glitters. 

Now, you can hang these straws on the thread. And Yes! Your holiday art project for elementary school is ready to serve your dinner decorations.

Balloon Ice

Balloon ice is one of the most loved holiday art projects for elementary students. Fill the balloons with the water and let them freeze completely. Place them in the trays alongside the ice creams and your serving tray is ready with the completion of a wonderful holiday art project for elementary.

Mirror Frames 

Designing the mirror frames is an interesting holiday art project for elementary students. A little paint and a few embellishments can transform your ordinary mirror into a contemporary style mirror. Lace the borders of the mirror and paint them with the vibrant colors to complete the look of your magnificent holiday art project for elementary.

DIY Keychains 

DIY keychains are easy to make and one of the attractive holiday art projects for elementary. Use the metal snips to design the key chain of your choice. You can choose to design it with your name, some alphabets or any other monogram. This is one of the amazing holiday art projects for elementary.

Postcard Wallets 

This holiday art project for elementary is quite easy to perform during the summer vacation. It requires the collection of different postcards during the summer trips and then their usage to design the catchy wallets. This is again an interesting holiday art project for elementary.

Drink Umbrellas

This holiday art project for elementary students is a must to do in the summer vacation when you are outside and want to enjoy lemonade. Cut the card paper into a round circle and bend the circle into a cone. Glue the wooden skewer into the underside of the umbrella and a button plug on the top of the umbrella. Your fun holiday art project for elementary school is ready! 


There are a number of benefits that these holiday arts pose to health both mentally and physically. The addition of these holiday arts is considered an important element of the accurate development of the sensory system. In the summer vacation or in any spare time, such holiday arts must be performed.

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