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Christmas Tree Slime

Wonderful Christmas Tree Slime: DIY Crafts For Kids

Christmas is a good time to whip up slime inspired by the holidays! Today, let’s make Christmas Tree Slime.  Do it to give or get the kids involved by having them add Christmas glitter to create a super fun slime experience! This Christmas Tree Slime recipe could not be easier and you can easily add

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Rainbow Slime

Easy and Fun Rainbow Slime

In the post, we are sharing Cool Rainbow Slime Crafts For Kids. We always have a batch of slime in our place. Yep, always. Slime lasts months and months in the end, so this is one of our favorite fun recipes. I love reusable stuff. We’ve been on a rainbow recently with rainbow flour paint,

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Mermaid Slime

Simple Mermaid Slime Recipe: [Easy & Quick]

Have you ever heard about Mermaid Slime Recipe? Well, Today we are going to share this with you. Mermaids and unicorns are very popular with children at this moment. And you can see why when they are generally so colourful and glittery. This mermaid slime is no exception! It’s designed to resemble the tail of

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Happy Valentines Day Slime

Happy Valentines Day Slime Recipe: Easy & Quick

If you tried some of our other slime recipes then you know that we love to make slime right here! Today, we are sharing Valentines Day Slime Recipe. Slime can be a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Kids can have fun by helping you make mud and printing these lovely Valentine’s Day Slime gift labels

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Fluffy Slime

Captivating Fluffy Slime Recipe (Step by Step)

Fluffy Slime Recipe: Step by Step (Easy!) Today we are sharing a fluffy slime recipe with you guys! The one here is a must! The texture is really fun to play with. Kids will love stretching and crushing this fluffy slime. And we have to say, we think this is the best fluffy slimy recipe

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Bunny Slime Craft

Easy Bunny Slime Craft (Step by Step)

Easy Bunny Slime Craft (Step by Step) If you’re looking for some fun Easter activity – these slimy bunny jars are so fun to prepare! The bunny jars also double as a great way to save and store your slime. They may also be made and given as Easter presents or placed in Easter baskets.

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Rainbow Slime

Cool Rainbow Slime (Rainbow & Sand Slime)

Crafts with Slime: Rainbow Slime & Sand Slime All kids love playing with slimy, sticky slime, and let’s be honest, the clay is great for adults, young people, and your little ones as well. We’re sharing crafts with slime! Slime itself is already nice to play with, but use it for the enjoyment of these

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Crafts with Slime

Fun Crafts with Slime (Halloween Slime)

Crafts with Slime: Halloween Slime Halloween is one of our most loved vacations. We are sharing crafts with slime, and that gonna be so fun. We know that candy can be overwhelming for some kids to receive so today we share a non-candy Halloween treat idea with this Halloween slime. You can make a big

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Christmas Slime

Awe-inspiring Christmas Slime (Snowman, Grinch, & Rudolph)

Christmas Slime: Snowman, Grinch, & Rudolph We are delighted to be part of the Christmas spirit. And we were excited to share these lovely Christmas pots with you! It would make Christmas presents fun or even just a fun Christmas activity for kids to do. You may do all 3 or just one of them!

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How to Make Fluffy Slime in 5 Simple Steps

Not too many know that there are over 900 types of Slimes in the world today: Fluffy Slime, Unicorn Slime, Edible Slime, Pink Slime are just a few of many. In the science community, slimes are seen as a Non-Newtonian fluid, meaning that it has dual characteristics: neither solid nor liquid. According to Isaac Newton,

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