Fun Easter Bunny Puppets (Spring Crafts for Kids)


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C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (21).png

In this tutorial, you will learn spring Easter Bunny Puppets Craft which are going to be awesome for your learning Spring is a season we all love due to the attractive colors around and the moderate temperature. Easter is an important event that occurs in spring and it makes this season even more joyful and plentifully amazing. We love making cookies and hiding eggs in our garden as a hunting game for our kids; this makes this occasion even more special. Legend says that an Easter bunny lays, decorates, and hides eggs that symbolize a new life.

Easter Bunny Puppets

This explains that bunnies have great importance in this special event and season, so why not we make it. To upgrade this tradition, even more, we can make cute Easter bunny puppets, wouldn’t that be wonderful. If you are a teacher you can make your student perform this activity and make it for Easter decorations.

You can also provide them with pictures of the steps and they can make these puppets for fun on Easter day.

Let’s begin making bunny paper craft puppets!

What You Need:

  • Red, pink, and white sheet
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Black marker
C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (7).png

Step 1:

Grab your pink sheet of paper, horizontally and make a rectangle, but the bottom and top sides of the paper shouldn’t meet. There should be a little space left on the top once you make the rectangle as shown in the illustration.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (8).png

Step 2:

Now add glue to the space left on the top. It might not look like a puppet at the moment, but it will later. Now stick the glued part to the rectangle you folded in Step 1.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (9).png

Step 3:

Now hold the paper vertically and fold it to form an even smaller rectangle.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (10).png

Step 4:

Now rotate the paper and grab one of the bottom sides and fold it pointing upwards. Turn the paper upside down and do the same on the other side.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (7).png

Step 5:

Now cut four circles on white paper, a heart shape on red sheet. Also, cut two bunny ear shapes on a red paper. On white paper, cut similar-shaped bunny ears but they should be slightly smaller.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (16).png

Step 6:

Now stick the white ears inside the red ears using glue like done in the figure below.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (17).png

Step 7:

Draw a pupil in two of the circles using a black marker to represent the eyes and stick it to the pink puppet. Take the prepared bunny ears and fold them from the bottom to create a small turn and add glue to it. Stick the ears near the bunny on the top corners.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (18).png

Step 8:

Take the leftover two white circles and stick them together, overlapping each other, and glue them near the bottom of the puppet. Use the heart and glue it on the top of the circles as done in the illustration below. Take a U shape piece of paper for the tongue of the bunny.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (19).png

Step 9:

We are now at the last step, just paste the tongue as mentioned in the illustration.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (20).png

Wow! You have learned completely how to craft a bunny.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\craft 2\bunny-F\Untitled design (21).png

Isn’t this puppet wonderful? You can now play with it and make it on Easter day as well with your family and friends. You have learned a new tutorial on how to make spring crafts for toddlers! You can look at the final result and appreciate this masterpiece mainly made for spring!

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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