Creative Flower Pot Card (Mothers Day Crafts For Kids)


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Mother’s day is a day that is celebrated to thank our mothers for their efforts and to give them a day of relaxation and happiness and show our love and care for them. It is usually celebrated on the second Sunday of May to honor our mothers and their role in society!

Why not we make a beautiful card for our mothers to spend a wonderful mother’s day? Grab the things you need and let’s get started.


  • Pink colored sheet (or any flower color)
  • Orange colored sheet
  • Blue colored sheet (we prefer light blue as it will maintain the beauty better)
  • Green colored sheet
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue and scissors
  • Black marker and pencil
  • White ribbon (or any color you like, but avoid dark ones)

Step 1:

To start, bring out pink-colored paper (or the color that you chose). Draw nine tulip petals on them of the same size and shape as they should be round at the bottom and pointed at the top. An easy way to make alike petals is to make one and place it on the pink sheet and make eight more. After this work, cut out the petals carefully so they look lovely and they surely will once you are done!

The second part is to fold six of the petals from the middle vertically. Do not fold the rest of the three petals and keep them safe.

Step 2:

Now apply glue on the unfolded petals on their sides. Do not apply the glue in the middle of the petal. You are surely going to admire this craft!

Step 3:

Now begin pasting the folded petals on the sides a bit diagonally and make sure that the curved sides of the petals are facing outwards and the straight ones are inwards. Woah! The tulips look great!

Step 4:

Garb your orange-colored sheet and fold it in the middle horizontally. Make a pot shape on the sheet accurately but perfection is not required! You will be surprised to see the result as it will be a decoration piece and a card at the same time.

Step 5:

Now cut out the shape only across the lines you drew, do not cut the bottom of the pot. There are just a few more steps to go and then you will learn this mother’s day craft for toddlers.

Step 6:

Now cut three strips, about the size of your popsicle sticks out of green paper. Begin wrapping the sticks in the green strips. Do this by applying glue to the green strips and sticking the stick and wrapping it inside. This will give you tree green stems!

Step 7:

Now take a yellow-colored sheet and cut a heart out of it, one that can fit on your pot in the center. Write a message for your mother on it; we decided to write ‘Happy Mother’s Day and add a sticker or heart on it (the sticker is optional and instead of the heart shape where you have to write the message you can also make a cloud shape, a rectangle or a circle or any other shape you like).

Step 8:

The next task is to stick the heart message on the front of the pot and the flowers on the stems. Do this by applying glue on the top of the stems and pasting the flowers here.

Step 9:

Now apply glue on the back bottom of the stems and paste them inside the pot. We decided to paste one tulip in the middle and two on the sides where the middle one is a little more out of the pot, but you can choose a different pattern you like.

Step 10:

I can say that this step is the easiest out of all as there is not much to do. Open the pot so that the front of the pot is on the top and now make a line from one side to the other using a black marker. Look at the illustration below to see the exact position where to draw the line. Also, punch the top corners of the pot as they are very important.

Step 11:

The last step is to insert a ribbon inside the holes you made in the previous step. Make a bow in the front.

Now you can write a message on the card. So that when your mother opens the ribbon, she gets to see the message inside the card and you can even add a chocolate!

Congrats! You have completed this DIY mother’s day craft! Now go and give it to your mother and surprise her with this beautiful masterpiece and make memories!

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