How To Draw a Monkey

How To Draw a Monkey (Step by Step)

How To Draw A Monkey! It is time for complete silliness, monkey mania! With the instructions provided by this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a monkey in no time. The steps are super easy and uncomplicated and perfect for kids of all ages and even beginners.


Monkeys are known for eating bananas and being foolish and silly. Monkeys have a brain that is larger than the size of other animals and that explains why they are so intelligent. They are social animals who can get quickly attached to their masters. Once this happens, they show love for their owners by cuddling, holding hands, and grooming.

They have long tails which they use to dangle from trees and high poles. They are popular and widely appear in cartoons, novels, and movies, such as, “Dora the Explorer” and the “Clever Monkey”.

They do understand human actions and if you try to present them magic tricks, they might be impressed and might laugh out loud.

Draw a Monkey

By reading the text, you might be wishing to buy a cute monkey from the pet store, but if you can’t, why not try to draw one and learn how to draw a monkey easily? Wouldn’t that be fun as well as later on you can set it on your study desk and admire it?

Why not you give it a try? Let us begin! You can grab out monkey-guided drawing printable to encounter easy steps!

What You Need:

  • Our monkey guided drawing printable
  • Paper
  • Marker / Pencil
  • Colors

How to Draw a Monkey Step by Step:

It’s ok if your drawing looks different than ours. Practice is the key to perfection. Use your creativity to change your drawing and even add more details and the background.

Step 1:

Like all our other tutorials, the first step is going to resemble and be trouble less! Start by drawing an ellipse shape, sort of like a wide oval. You do not need to be precise or perfect as no one is!

Step 2:

Now draw the letter ‘m’ on top of the ellipse you drew in Step 1. It should be like the top part of a heart that we love to draw or two bumps or hills.

You can see that shapes help a lot to build new things and even our surroundings.

Step 3:

Now, around the two bumps, draw a round outline to trace the head of our cute cartoon monkey which is going to turn out awesome for all.

Have you ever closely noticed that monkeys usually have a heart shape on their foreheads and that is the same reason why we made a heart shape too!

Step 4:

Draw two ears as circles on each side of the head. It resembles Mickey Mouse!

Monkeys have a great sense of hearing and they use this power to recognize a friend and a foe!

Step 5:

Now comes the facial details. Draw a set of eyes and you can even indicate the pupil inside them.

Also, draw a pair of circles inside the ears and an ellipse or round oval for the nose. Draw a large beaming smile a curve in the mouth area.

We are sure you are not stuck with any step.

Step 6:

Let us draw the body. Draw a round shape under the head to indicate the body. It can be larger or smaller than the head and you can also make it chubby.

Step 7:

Draw a similar round shape inside the body you drew in Step 6, but it should be smaller.

This step will add extra texture to our cute monkey drawing and make it look even cooler. The steps are simple and easy, aren’t they?

Step 8:

It is now time to draw the limbs. If you have ever tried drawing a human and you have also made its arms, you can pass this step very easily!

The limbs have to be drawn as two parallel curved lines. Great work! Keep it up and do not lose attention and confidence!

Step 9:

Now add hands to the limbs, draw feet, and a tail. The tail can be spiral, straight, or swirling; it is totally up to you. There is only one step to go and you will learn how to draw a cute monkey!

Step 10:

Now it is time to color which we love to do! It is the part with the most fun and which is extremely delightful.

Color in the way you want to and bring your adorable monkey to life!

Our monkey showed in the illustration is brown as since our childhoods we have only heard about and seen orange-brown monkeys!

Hooray! You have learned how to draw a cartoon monkey!

In case you want to learn how to draw more basic things, you can visit our other tutorial which aims to strengthen your art skills and to make you practice every piece of art with just a few, easy steps to follow!

If you like this article about how to draw a monkey and would like to know more, please comment below.

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