How to Draw a Spider

How to Draw a Spider (Step by Step)

How to Draw a Spider! Aren’t you scared of spiders? I am sure you find them very spooky? Spiders are one of the important creatures in our world yet feared by many. These Creepy crawlers come in various shapes and sizes, each with its special looks and attributes.


Did you know that spiders are vertebrates and belong to the group of arachnids? They are mostly known as the king of arachnids and are often deadly as they produce and inject venom.

There are around more than 35,000 unique types of bugs and insects at present known. Researchers accept that there is much more to be found. It is also said that spiders produce silk from which they create their spider webs and some spiders also work together.

Draw a Spider

In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw a spider and how to play with the colors.

Drawing a creepy spider is generally simple. This creepy spider has a round body and eight legs. Some bug assortments have a more oval-formed body. We are going to keep ours less petrifying, but you can keep yours in any way.

This activity is simple and equally easy for kids, youngsters, and even beginners.

What You Need

  • Our printable spider drawing guide
  • Marker/ Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Supplies

How to Draw a Spider Instructions

Let’s start with the first step of this lesson. One by one, we will be covering all the seven steps to illustrate our spider clip art. You will learn how to draw a spider easily by following these steps in this tutorial.

If you want to accompany your spider with a web then you can check out our other tutorial on how to draw a spider web.

Like our other drawing collections, this tutorial is going to be very simple.

Step 1:

Start by drawing a big circle for the body of the spider. You can use your imagination and can draw an oval or egg-shaped body. Make the circle a little bigger so it looks like an actual body.

Isn’t it simple, we hope it is! There can be many other ways and different shapes you can use to make the body as there are various species of terror-struck spiders.

Step 2:

Now to draw the head of the spider, draw a U shape but make sure it a little wide as illustrated below. This will be drawn under the body and attach both the figures to complete the shape.

Step 3:

Inside the head, starting with the eyes, make two googly ovals and inside each eye, add a smaller circle that will be spider’s pupils. While drawing eyes, you can shape them to develop the look of a scary spider just like we did. On the lower part of the head, work on the mouth utilizing two little devilish triangles. These will be the fangs.

Do you know certain species of spiders can see into the spectrum that we humans can’t see?

Step 4:

Now draw the first pair of legs. You will start from the side of the body portion. One leg can be drawn as a reversed L while the second leg can be drawn as a wider V. The shape of the legs will be drawn freehand and so, it is your choice the way you want it to.

Step 5:

Now add two more legs on the same side. These legs should be drawn below the first pair, now more closely to the head. After completing this step you must have drawn four legs out of eight on one side of the body.

Step 6:

It’s time to repeat the same previous two steps on the left side of the image. Draw similar lines with the same pattern to complete the eight legs of the spider.

If you want to show the spider hanging from the web, you can add a straight line from the bottom of the body.

Wow! After completing these six steps, you have learned how to draw a spider step by step.

Step 7:

Coloring is one of the most exciting and stirring parts of the whole exercise. You can use your creation and imagination to fill this last part of the tutorial. We are using light brown for the body and the head as well.

Congratulations! You have completed the How to Draw a Spider tutorial.

Spiders are not complex to draw. Sketching perfect proportions and sies might be tough at the beginning but as a whole, this creature can be drawn relatively easily by following the steps mentioned in this tutorial. You should draw a whole family of creepy spiders, some small and some big to practice it more.

If you like this article about How to Draw a Spider and would like to know more, please comment below.

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