Holiday Craft Ideas

Looking for something fun to do with the kids this holiday season?

Why not try out some fun and easy holiday crafts?

Holiday Craft Ideas

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Popular Holiday Craft Ideas


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Fun Holiday Crafts

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Fun Family Crafts (2)
Fun Family Crafts
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More Fun Holiday Craft Ideas for the Family


Fun Family Crafts

Making fun, family-friendly crafts is the perfect way to bring everyone in your home together.

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The art of origami is fun and easy to do. You can make all sorts of arts crafts with it, like butterflies, airplanes or even flowers!

Holiday Crafts

DIY Craft Kit

Happy holidays! I hope you’re ready to enjoy some time with your loved ones during this festive time of year. Art Holidays are not only kids’ favorite but the adults also enjoy holidays. This post is all about creating holiday art for the whole family to celebrate together. 

Ready, set, go!

Turkey crafts are one of the easiest Christmas activities to do with your kids. Your kids will feel like they did a lot of work, but paper bag turkeys don’t require any glue or other craft supplies that might scream “Christmas tree!” or “Happy New Year!” so you can keep this on your list all year long. Kids love crafting and thanksgiving paper bag turkey craft are the perfect activity for them to enjoy at home during the holiday season. 


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Why we love Holiday Crafts?

Holiday Craft Ideas

We love holiday crafts because they are so much fun! And not only that – making your own decorations, treating yourself or family members to homemade gifts can help save money. Holidays are a time for joy and celebration, which is why we love to craft! There’s something about cutting out felt shapes that really makes us feel like an adventuresome child on Christmas morning. And who doesn’t need some extra inspiration during their next holiday project?

  Benefits of Holiday Crafts

  • Great way to express your creativity.
  • Bring family together.
  • Keep the kids engaged and happy.
  • Doesn’t require much preparation.
  • Arts give children a sense of community, identity, belongingness.
  • Key to our mental, emotional well-being.

The Joy of Family!

The joy of family is what makes the holidays so special. A time to be with your loved ones, do activities and arts-and crafts or just have fun! We love holidays! We’re so excited to spend time with our families, exchange gifts under the trees and enjoy delicious food. This is a time for celebration after all. – We celebrate this wonderful life that has been given us. These special days where people come together because they know how much it means. Having funny moments shared over dinner afterwards while trading stories relating back childhood memories.


Are you looking for a creative outlet? Stop by CraftyThinking today. Our selection of arts and crafts, printables and so much more will bring the joys of art into your home with kids or grandparents! Whether it’s paper plate puppets that you will have fun crafting them, coloring pages which can help provide relaxation after doing some complicated; or enjoying creating origamis out of paper.