Easy Printable Craft Ideas: Parent and Teacher Approved!

Crafts ideas for kids of all ages!

Make Your Own Art: Complete Guide to Easy Printable Craft Ideas

What are Easy Printable Craft Ideas?

What are Easy Printable Craft Ideas? Some easy printable craft ideas include making paper bag puppets, handprint crafts, paper plate crafts, headband crafts and toilet paper crafts. You can find free templates for these below and you can purchase them through our shop.

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Download These Free Printable Paper Craft Templates Now!

Looking for some fun and easy printable craft ideas to do with the kids or students? Look no further! These free printable paper craft templates are perfect for a rainy day, a birthday party, or any time you need to entertain your little ones. So, what are you waiting for? Download these free printable templates now! 

Bee Paper Plate Craft

Bee Paper Plate Craft

If you are looking for a fun, simple paper craft idea for your students, the Bee Paper Plate Craft is perfect. This arts and crafts is a great activity for your students. Easy to make and fun to do!

Butterfly Paper Plate Craft

Does your child love paper plate crafts? Do you want something that is easy to clean up and easy for your little one to do? Check out our butterfly paper plate craft for children.

Monkey Handprint Craft

Monkey Handprint Craft

Handprint crafts are a great way to create a fun and easy project. Print the monkey handprint craft template and let your child go to town with color markers and crayons.

Dog Paper Bag Puppet

Dog Paper Bag Puppet

Make a Dog paper bag puppet for your child's next school project. It's a creative way to teach kids about arts and can be a fun family project. Click to download!

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How to Make Paper Crafts Step by Step - From Scratch

Paper crafts don’t have to be difficult. With our step-by-step tutorial, you can learn how to create amazing DIY projects with with this easy-to-follow guide. Just follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

In order to complete your printable crafts, you will need to gather a few supplies. Make sure you have a printer, craft template, some paper, scissors, glue and any other materials required for the specific craft you are completing. 

Step 2: Choose a design.

The next step is to choose a craft template design for your printable. There are many different template designs to choose from, so take some time to browse through them all and find the one that best suits your student or child needs.

Step 3. Download the printable.

To complete step three, you will need to download the printable activities from our shop. Once you have downloaded the activities, you can begin working on them. The printables comes with step-by-step instructions that will help you.

Step 4. Print the craft template.

The fourth step in the process is to print out the craft template. This will ensure that all of the pieces are the correct size and shape. Once the template is printed, it can be used as a guide to cut out the pieces from the paper or foam.

Step 5. Trace and cut out your design.

Next, you will need to trace the printable template onto your chosen material. Once you have done this, you will need to cut out the template along the lines that you traced. Be sure to use sharp scissors and take your time with this step so that your finished product is accurate.

Step 6: Assemble your project.

Now it’s time to assemble the individual pieces together that were cut out in Step 5. This involves gluing the pieces together in a way that matches the template. Students or children might need assistance in properly putting together the printables based on their age and skill level.

Step 7: Add finishing touches.

To complete the printable craft, add some finishing touches such as ribbons, buttons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners or use a marker to draw on extra details. This will help give the craft a more complete look.

Teacher Approved Printables for Kids


Disney Printables

Looking for a fun and easy activity to do with the kids? Disney paper bag puppets are perfect! These 10 printable templates of your favorite Disney characters will blow your mind! From Daisy to Donald, and Mickey to Minnie!

Marvel Super Hero Crafts

Are you trying to find a fun printable activity to keep the kids occupied? Why not try one of these printable Marvel Super Hero Crafts! With characters like Cyclops, Storm, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, and more!

Printable Insect Crafts

Insects are fascinating creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. From ants and bees to butterflies and caterpillars, there is an insect craft for everyone. These fun printable crafts will also help children learn about insect’s important role in our ecosystem.

Free Halloween Printable Crafts

Looking for some an easy Halloween craft? Check out our Witch Printable Paper Bag Puppet! This activity is perfect for kids. Also, a great way to get students involved in the Halloween holiday festivities. With just a few craft supplies, you can create this amazing Halloween Printable Witch.

Are you searching for a Halloween printable to use in your classroom? There is a lot of options out there, but you have no idea which one is the best. Get this Free Goblin Paper Bag Puppet for kids and students now! This Goblin craft is the perfect choice for an engaging, hands-on lesson!


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If you’re looking for some fun and easy printables to help liven up your home, office, or classroom, then be sure to check out our shop!  We have how to draw printables, handprint printables, paper plate printables, and more. We’ve got a great selection of printables that are perfect for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Printables are usually educational or entertainment materials that can be printed out and used by kids. They can be anything from coloring pages to worksheets to games.

Printables for kids are used for a variety of purposes, such as educational games, coloring pages, and activity sheets.

One option is to take them to a local print shop. Another option is to print them at home using a printer. Finally, you can also upload your printables to an online printing service and have them printed and shipped to you.

Make a collage out of old magazines or newspapers. Fold origami animals or objects out of colorful paper. Create greeting cards. Decorate a picture frame with pretty patterned paper.

What are some Printable Craft Ideas? Printable craft ideas include coloring pages, printable masks, printable games, printable activity sheets and printable crafts. Just to name a few.

Some easy crafts to make with construction paper are origami, paper airplanes, paper flowers, cards, and paper baskets.

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List of Printable Craft Ideas for Preschoolers?

Printable craft ideas for preschoolers include:

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