How do you make a paper bag puppet?

How do you make a paper bag puppet?

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How do you make a paper bag puppet? Making a paper bag puppet is easy!

  • First, cut out two eyes from a piece of paper.
  • Glue or tape them onto the front of the paper bag.
  • Then, use your scissors to cut out a mouth.
  • Again, glue or tape this onto the front of the bag.
  • Once your eyes and mouth are in place, you can start decorating your puppet however you like!

You can draw on it with markers or crayons, add yarn for hair, or even put googly eyes on it. Be creative and have fun! Learn more about Paper Bag Crafts below!

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Sum up How Do You Make a Paper Bag Puppet?

If you’re looking for a fun and easy craft project, why not try making a paper bag puppet? This is a great activity for kids of all ages, and it’s really simple to do. All you need is some brown paper bags, scissors, glue, markers, and crayons. You can use your puppets to tell stories or act out scenes from your favorite books. Have fun with it! Do you have any other ideas for fun things to make out of paper bags?

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